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Creature From Jekyll Island - G. Edward Griffin


The Creature from Jekyll Island - one of the classic expose's of the treachery and thievery we call "The Federal Reserve" - which is curiously neither federal, nor is it a reserve. No one cuts to the center of the issue quite like Griffin. This is an issue which impacts nearly every aspect of your material life, since you probably earn and buy almost everything you have with "Federal Reserve Notes". The IRS, too, is but little more than a collection agency for the "Federal Reserve". Find out the truth and the history of this evil which strangles our society.


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Reviewer: outofmycoma - - April 27, 2013
Subject: False Congress, False Fed, Real Bill, Another tax method ---->

We're trying to catch up ( on what they have done), but they are still trying to get ahead of the curve, this time (2013) with the INTERNET TAX Bill.

The Bill has been introduced in both the Senate and the House, and is on a fast track.

The text of the actual Bill has now been posted.

These guys seem to be far more interested in being crooks and thieves than they do in really wanting to serve the people.

The text is here along with a list of the Sponsors and Co-Sponsors (Your Congressman ??) both for the Senate Bill, and also for the House Bill

PDF text of the actual Bill - S.743 - Posted at Archive ;

Thanks Harry Reid, and Mike Enzi (Wyoming) (Talk about Violating Oath of Office !)...another Fake !

Take action while you can...

Let your voice be heard, give yourself a Pay Increase by keeping YOUR OWN MONEY (okay its only FRN, but those make a difference these days).